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Serien, Populr und schlechten Zeit und Sparcoupons sowie Nachteile fr alle Arten (2.

Vikings Torvi

Torvi begleitet Ragnar gemeinsam mit Björn, Erlendur und vielen anderen nach Paris. In dieser Zeit verlässt Þórunn eines nachts Kattegat. Währenddessen. - Hawke hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. - Torvi is now an official Shield Maiden! Vikings Season 4.

Vikings Torvi Björn Eisenseite

1 Allgemeines Staffel 4 2 Staffel 5 Torvi ist die 2. Frau von Björn und. Torvi begleitet Ragnar gemeinsam mit Björn, Erlendur und vielen anderen nach Paris. In dieser Zeit verlässt Þórunn eines nachts Kattegat. Währenddessen. Torvi is a Shield-maidenand the former wife of Jarl Borg. After Jarl Borg's death, by Ragnar, and the birth of their son Guthrum, Torvi marries the abusive Erlendur. - Bulut23 hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. - Hawke hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. - Torvi is now an official Shield Maiden! Vikings Season 4. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an torvi vikings an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

Vikings Torvi

Torvi begleitet Ragnar gemeinsam mit Björn, Erlendur und vielen anderen nach Paris. In dieser Zeit verlässt Þórunn eines nachts Kattegat. Währenddessen. - Torvi is now an official Shield Maiden! Vikings Season 4. 1 Allgemeines Staffel 4 2 Staffel 5 Torvi ist die 2. Frau von Björn und.

Aethelwulfs zoon Aethelred raakt gewond en de Saksen moeten de aftocht blazen. Ubbe en Hvitserk stellen een vredesakkoord voor, maar Ivar wil oorlog blijven voeren.

The Plan Tijdsduur 45 min Uitzenddatum ma 08 jul. De Saksen bedenken een aanvalsplan. Ivar doktert een strategie uit en Bjorn bevindt zich in een nieuw territorium.

The Prisoner Tijdsduur 50 min Uitzenddatum ma 15 jul. Ivar ontmoet zijn gelijke in bisschop Heahmund, Floki keert terug naar Kattegat en Bjorn wordt goed onthaald in Noord-Afrika.

The Message Tijdsduur 50 min Uitzenddatum ma 15 jul. Lagertha wordt verraden. Bjorn doet zijn best om de bevreesde koningin gerust te stellen.

Floki en zijn kolonisten arriveren in een nieuw land, maar dat is volledig anders dan ze zich hadden voorge Floki en zijn kolonisten arriveren in een nieuw land, maar dat is volledig anders dan ze zich hadden voorgesteld.

Full Moon Tijdsduur 45 min Uitzenddatum ma 22 jul. Bjorn keert terug naar Kattegat dat zich wapent voor de strijd bij de volgende volle maan.

Ivar moet beslissen of hij een voormalige vijand kan vertrouwen op het slagveld. The Joke Tijdsduur 50 min Uitzenddatum ma 22 jul.

Floki stelt voor om een tempel voor de goden te bouwen, maar stuit op protest. Lagherta, Bjorn, Ubbe en Halfdan willen een bloedbad vermijden en proberen vrede te sluiten met Ivar, Harald en Hvitserk.

A Simple Story Tijdsduur 50 min Uitzenddatum ma 29 jul. In de nasleep van de veldslag nemen de legerleiders de schade op.

Floki en de zijnen krijgen een tragedie te verwerken. Moments of Vision Tijdsduur 45 min Uitzenddatum ma 29 jul. Het bloedvergieten gaat ongestoord verder in Kattegat.

Terwijl het verslagen leger de aftocht blaast, keert een legendarische krijger huiswaarts. The Revelation Tijdsduur 45 min Uitzenddatum ma 05 aug.

Ivar wordt tot nieuwe koning van Kattegat gekroond en mag meteen Rollo welkom heten. Bjorn, Lagertha en Ubbe moeten moeilijke bondgenootschappen sluiten om te overleven.

Murder Most Foul Tijdsduur 50 min Uitzenddatum ma 05 aug. Het lot van Bjorn, Lagertha en Ubbe wordt gehuld in onzekerheid terwijl de loyaliteit van Heahmund op de proef wordt gesteld.

In IJsland probeert Floki de wil van de goden te begrijpen. A New God Tijdsduur 45 min Uitzenddatum ma 12 aug. Heahmund probeert koning Alfred te overtuigen van zijn goede bedoelingen, Ubbe en Torvi versterken de positie van de Vikings en er verdwijnt opnieuw een kolonist in IJsland.

The Lost Moment Tijdsduur 45 min Uitzenddatum ma 12 aug. Harald zet met zijn vloot koers naar Wessex. Loosely based on the Norse chief Sinric who took part in the Siege of Paris — Son of Judith and Athelstan.

Broadly based on the historical Alfred the Great. In charge of defending the city from the Vikings. Based on the historical Odo of France. He is flogged to death by Roland on Emperor Charles's orders.

Daughter of Emperor Charles and later wedded to Duke Rollo. Based on the historical or legendary Gisela of France. Count Odo's first-in-command.

He has an incestuous relationship with his sister, Therese. He is assassinated with his sister by Emperor Charles's men.

A noblewoman, Roland's sister, and Count Odo's mistress. She is assassinated with her brother by Emperor Charles's men. Ragnar and Kwenthrith's supposed illegitimate son.

After spending most of his life as a hostage he is evicted by Aethelwulf when Ragnar denies being his father. Magnus eventually starts to consider himself a Viking, converts to the religion of the Norse gods and joins Harald.

He takes part of Bjorn and Hvitserks siege of Kattegat where he suffers from a crisis of faith. Eventually coming to terms with his new identity as a pagan, he tries to scale the walls as the battle turns against Bjorn.

Harald attempts to pull him to safety, but Magnus is shot to death by White Hair, when he fails to protect himself with his shield.

Chinese slave belonging to Aslaug. Yidu becomes protective of the sons of Ragnar. She also forms a close bond with Ragnar, providing him with a drug and becoming his lover.

Later she becomes distressed with the Viking way of life and tries to leave Ragnar. When she refuses to provide him with more of the drug, Ragnar drowns her.

Shieldmaiden and lover of Lagertha. She and Bjorn have a secret affair. She is later kidnapped by king Harald whom she marries. When attempting to warn Lagertha of an incoming attack she is raped by the whaler she tries to bribe.

Soon after she finds herself pregnant and induces Lagertha to kill her during battle, she admits that she was always her true love.

After her death, Harald carries her earring around as remembrance and swears vengeance on Lagertha. Through she married Harald to gain power, she has some feelings for him, trying to have Ivar send troops to help him when Harald is overwhelmed by Lagertha in battle.

She is disturbed by Ivar and fears him. She is later freed and married by Ubbe. Hvitserk remains her lover with Ubbe's consent.

Ubbe eventually rejects her to marry Torvi, causing Margrethe to go insane. Hvitserk takes care of her, but when Ivar has a dream where Margrethe stabs him, he sends assassins to murder her.

This furthers the rift between Hvitserk and Ivar. A Moorish orphan girl adopted by Helga. When Helga brings her to the sack of Ecbert's villa, Tanaruz snaps and stabs Helga and then kills herself.

A nobleman and member of the clergy of Wessex. The leader of Ivar's bodyguards. After Ivar's defeat, he is outcast from Kattegat by King Bjorn.

He turns to banditry and raids the village where Lagertha has retired, killing Bjorn's son Halli in such a raid. Lagertha leads the resistance and eventually kills White Hair in single combat.

Ivar's former slave and love interest. She becomes Queen of Kattegat by marrying Ivar. As Ivar is impotent, she has sex with a slave whom she later murders in order to produce a child.

Freydis claims she conceived the child through magically consuming Ivar's blood. This and Freydis' sycophancy leads Ivar to declare himself a god.

When the child is eventually born, it's deformed. This causes Ivar's ego to crack and he suspects Freydis has fooled him. Ivar leaves the child out to die, turning Freydis against him.

She shows Hvitserk, Bjorn and Harald a secret way through the walls, allowing them to storm Kattegat. As the city falls, she admits what she has done and Ivar strangles her to death.

A Byzantine abbess. Loosely inspired by the historical Kassiani. A violent and bold patriarch of a large family.

He is chosen by Floki for an expedition to set up a colony. Based on the legendary Ketill Flatnose. A Viking of Kattegat who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

He quickly becomes disillusioned when arriving in Iceland and becomes antagonistic to Floki. His wife Rafarta's brother was killed by Kjetill's father, which also makes him antagonistic to Kjetill.

After his son Bul is accidentally killed by Thorgrim, Thorgrim is found drowned. Floki believes Eyvind was responsible.

Eventually Eyvind's daughter in law Thorunn vanishes. Rafarta claims Thorunn was suicidal, which is proven false when Floki produces her hidden body.

Rafarta and Asbjorn are implicited as the murderers and Floki banishes Eyvind and his family from the colony.

It's never made clear if Eyvind was in on Asbjorn's and Rafarta's plot. The family is ravaged by disease and weather and sends Helgi to fetch help.

Helgi brings back Floki, Kjetill and Frodi, along with several of Kjetill's farmhands. The farmhands capture Floki at knifepoint as Kjetill and Frodi murders Eyvind and all of his family.

Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild's daughter, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony. Something of a surrogate daughter to Floki, she tries to mend peace between the feauding clans of Kjetill and Eyvind.

She kills herself in Iceland after finding out Kjetill and her brother Frodi murdered Eyvind and his family. Eyvind and Rafarta's son, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

He is killed by Kjetill. Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild's daughter and Helgi's wife, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

She is killed by Asbjorn. He is killed by Thorgrim. Kjetill Flatnose and Ingvild's son, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony. He mysteriously drowns in Iceland.

He assists Kjetill in massacring Eyvind and his family. Eyvind and Rafarta's daughter, who joins Floki's expedition to set up a colony.

She is killed by Frodi. A Sami chief and an ally to Lagertha. He is killed in battle. Loosely based on the legendary Sami king Svasi.

King Svase's daughter. She is killed in battle. Hvitserk's love interest. Ivar has her burned after she implicates herself as a critic of Ivar's regime and denies his status as a god.

A Norwegian king who Ivar initially reaches out to in order to form an alliance. Hvitserk is sent to him to broker the deal, but Hvitserk instead ask Olaf to help him overthrow Ivar.

The amused Olaf has Hvitserk imprisoned and tortured. When Hvitserk refuses to relent, the impressed Olaf agrees to attack Kattegat.

After the battle, he declares Bjorn king of Kattegat. Harald is seriously injured in the battle and Olaf saves his life.

However, Olaf also occupies his kingdom and keeps Harald as a prisoner. A shieldmaiden in Harald's army.

After the re-conquest of Kattegat by Bjorn she is made Hvitserk's caretaker. The son of Rurik and heir to Kievan Rus'. He is the ward of Oleg, who rules the kingdom in his name as regent.

Igor fears Oleg, and has little love for Oleg's brothers Dir and Askold. However, he is aware that he can use Oleg as much as a puppet as Oleg uses him.

Igor and Ivar quickly forms a bond and Igor seems much more fond of him than any of his blood relatives. Based on the historical Igor of Kiev. The following is a list of named characters who have had a relatively relevant story arc on the series.

They are listed in the order that they first appeared on the show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. In the first part of season 4, Ubbe is portrayed by recurring child actor Luke Shanahan and guest actor Jordan Patrick Smith.

From episode 6x01 to 6x08, she is credited as a guest star. Katheryn Winnick. Jesus 2 episodes, Markjan Winnick King Angantyr 2 episodes, Paul Ward Wigea 2 episodes, Richard Ashton Black Cloaked Figure 2 episodes, Paul Reid Mannel 2 episodes, Rosalie Connerty Angrboda 2 episodes, Michael Johnston Messenger 2 2 episodes, Patrick O'Donnell Dealer 2 episodes, Noni Stapleton Gudmund 2 episodes, Charles Last William Son of Rollo 2 episodes, Sophie Vavasseur Princess Ellisif 2 episodes, Oisin Murray Tarben 2 episodes, Gary Buckley Earl Jorgensen 2 episodes, Caitlin Scott Judith's Sister 2 episodes, Niall Cusack Abbot Lupus 2 episodes, Tom Hopkins French Archbishop 2 episodes, Maxim Boshell Ivar's Axe Boy 2 episodes, Adam Behan Bishop Aldulf 2 episodes, Dave Boyle Saxon Warrior Scout 1 2 episodes, Gail Brady Anna 2 episodes, Michael Hirst Lord Aethelwulf 1 episode, Kevin Flood Old Man 1 episode, Ray Stevenson Hild 1 episode, Bryan Quinn One-Eyed Man 1 episode, Elshka Lane Katia's Servant 1 episode, Gerard McCarthy Brondsted 1 episode, Billy Gibson Ulf 1 episode, Alvaro Lucchesi Pagan Priest 1 episode, Elizabeth Moynihan Gunnhild 1 episode, Josh Donaldson Hoskuld 1 episode, Gary Farrelly Young Boy 1 episode, Paul Booth Saxon Officer 1 episode, Will Guppy Chamberlain 1 episode, Sean Tracy Egbert 1 episode, David Wilmot Olaf Andwend 1 episode, Mark Fitzgerald Warrior 1 episode, Owen Barton Warrior 1 episode, Marko Leht Torturer 1 episode, Anna-Maria Jopek Female Skald 1 episode, Conor Madden Eric Trygvasson 1 episode, David Michael Scott Nils 1 episode, Craig Whittaker Hakon 1 episode, Jay Duffy Ari 1 episode, Pagan McGrath Woman 1 episode, Jack Hickey Warrior 3 1 episode, Cameron Hogan Magnus 1 episode, Bosco Hogan Lord Abbot 1 episode, Blake Kubena Prince Askold 1 episode, Michelle Costello Female Servant 1 1 episode, Kevin McCann Man in Kattegat 1 episode, Rachel-Mae Brady Young Woman 1 episode, Alan Devine Ealdorman Eadric 1 episode, Anthony Kinahan French Sentry 1 episode, Conor Lambert Viking Trader 1 episode, Marcus Lamb Physician 1 episode, Connor Rogers Canute 1 episode, Neill Fleming King 2 1 episode, Paul Kealyn Blacksmith 1 episode, Cian Quinn Olaf, Son of Igolf 1 episode, Matt Ryan Olrik 1 episode, Rex Ryan Soldier 1 episode, Cian Gallagher Saxon Servant 1 episode, Aine Hayden Old Woman 1 episode, Sandy Kennedy Sylvi 1 episode, Fiona McGeown Earl 1 1 episode, Michelle Beamish Female Servant 3 1 episode, Deirdre Mullins Peasant Woman 1 episode, Carolyn Murray Blacksmith's Daughter 1 episode, Steve Wilson Horik's Companion 1 episode, Mark Fitzgerald Warrior 1 episode, Fionn Foley Bell Monk 1 episode, Conor Marren Saxon 2 1 episode, Eva Bartley Midwife 1 episode, Sean Duggan Monk 1 episode, Colm O'Brien Tower Sentry 1 episode, Ian Meehan Frankish Officer 1 episode, Luke Pierucci Frankish Farmer 1 episode, Dave Rowe Guard 1 episode, Richard McWilliams Saxon Scout 1 episode, Rob Walsh Aelle's Cleric 1 episode, Alicia Gerrard First Woman 1 episode, Chris Powell Rus Captain 1 episode, Roanna Cochrane Slave Girl 1 episode, Rudi Kennedy Young Man 1 episode, Cillian O'Gairbhi Saxon Warrior 2 1 episode, Hilary Rose Female Servant 4 1 episode, Amber Jean Rowan Floki's Slave Girl 1 episode, James Browne Messenger 1 episode, Chris Gallagher Monk 1 episode, Derry Power Older Man 1 episode, Brendan Conroy Blind Driver 1 episode, Ross McKinney Frankish Farmer 1 episode, Nathan Hughes Slave 1 episode, India Mullen Aethegyth 1 episode, Tamaryn Payne Widow Ordlaf 1 episode, Ben McKeown Crowbone 1 episode, Deborah Wiseman Second Woman 1 episode, Michael Judd Village Elder 1 episode, Cathal Sheahan Earl 2 1 episode, Ronan Summers Herigar 1 episode, Alexis Forbes Saxon Warrior 1 1 episode, Edmund Kente Messenger 1 episode, Lauterio Zamparelli French Officer 1 episode, Gwynne McElveen Farmer's Wife 1 episode, Lauren Farrell Female Slave 1 episode, Jake O'Loughlin First Saxon Boy 1 episode, Lorena Weldon Bjorn's Victim 1 episode, Bobby McGlynn Blind Beggar 1 episode, Emma Eliza Regan Aoife 1 episode, Simon Coury Saxon Priest 1 episode, Dez McMahon Haraldson Kinsman 1 episode, Ian Beattie King Brihtwulf 1 episode, Brian Fortune Injured Noble 1 episode, Liam Clarke Gudmund 1 episode, Adam McNamara Thorhall 1 episode, Ben Smith-Short Second Saxon Boy 1 episode, Olga Wehrly Saxon Woman 1 episode, Jamie Maclachlan Aldwin 1 episode, Keith Ward Blacksmith 1 episode, Ian Gerard Whyte King 3 1 episode, Des Braiden Father Cuthbert 1 episode, Michael Liebmann Saxon Messenger 1 episode, Jonathan Ryan Noble 3 1 episode, John Merriman Saxon 1 Farmstead 1 episode, Martha Christie Roman Prostitute 1 episode, Ceire O' Donoghue Third Young Woman 1 episode, Ed Murphy Gardar 1 episode, Shashi Rami Slave Trader 1 episode, Daryl McCormack Young Arab Man 1 episode, Frank Prendergast Bishop Cynebert 1 episode, Mabel Hurley Young Lagertha 1 episode, Clodagh Downing Midwife 1 episode, James Flynn Eadric 1 episode, Eddie Jackson Monk 1 episode, Declan Conlon Wigstan 1 episode, David Coon Roman Relic Seller 1 episode, Amy Hughes Shield Maiden 1 episode, Aoife Maloney Young Nun 1 episode, Ross Matthew Anderson Lagertha's Father 1 episode, Jonathan Milshaw Messenger 1 episode, Michael James Ford Noble 2 1 episode, Nathan Gordon Monk 1 episode, M.

Old Warrior 1 episode, Mark McAuley Envoy 1 episode, Bryan Baker Drunken Northman 1 episode, Vincenzo Di Tommaso Terrifying Creature 1 episode, Lenny Hayden Viking 1 Farmstead 1 episode, Dylan McDonough Papal Secretary 1 episode, Barry McGovern French Archbishop 1 episode, Laurence O'Fuarain Hakon 1 episode, Gerard Miller The Stranger 1 episode, Alexander Downes Noble 5 1 episode, Martin Phillips Old Monk 1 episode, Dave Curry Mercian Commander 1 episode, Joe Doyle Young Saxon Girl 1 episode, Chooye Bay Old Man in Market 1 episode, Neil Keery Alexei 1 episode, Nicolas Van Beveren Stranger 1 episode, Sebastian Vermeul-Taback Osiric 1 episode, Brian McGuinness Fisherman 1 episode, Donal Gallery Second Viking 1 episode, Matthew Ralli Spy 1 episode, Claire Jenkins Earl 3 1 episode, Alex Mills First Young Viking 1 episode, James Murphy Ansgar 1 episode, Amy Potter Woman 1 episode, David Maine Royal Servant 1 episode, Niall O'Brien Second Young Viking 1 episode, Niamh Algar Second Woman 1 episode, Aron Hegarty Mercian Commander 1 episode, Simon Jewell Frankish Officer 1 episode, Jack Walsh Scotus 1 episode, Siobhan Kelly Egil's Wife 1 episode, Allan Keating Saxon Priest 1 episode, John Hogg Third Young Viking 1 episode, Laurence Falconer Rider 1 episode, Tony Owen Older Man 1 episode, Paul Booth Saxon Officer 1 episode, Cillian O'Sullivan Eirik 1 episode, Peter Dillon Viking Scout 1 episode, Karen Connell Angel of Death 1 episode, Nabil Massad Papal Legate 1 episode, Aidan O'Hare Clergyman 1 episode, Michael O'Flaherty Clergyman 2 1 episode, Guy Carleton Patriarch 1 episode, Robert Follin Berserker 1 episode, Tallulah Belle Jorunn 1 episode, Wesley O'Duinn Warrior 1 1 episode, Maciej Rychly Pipe Player 1 episode, Eamonn Draper Bishop 1 episode, Lexi Rose Northumbrian Reeve 1 episode, Faolan Barry Aethelred young 1 episode, John Wolfe Viking Warrior 1 episode, Gabriel Constantin Commanding Officer of Kiev 1 episode, Desmond Eastwood Drunken Warrior 1 episode, Emma Willis Gyda 1 episode, James Daniel Wilson Viking 1 episode, Robert MacDomhnail Viking Warrior uncredited 29 episodes, Michelle O'Flaherty Viking Warrior uncredited 7 episodes, Karin Floengard Jonsson Shield Maiden uncredited 7 episodes, Laura Sibbick Shield Maiden uncredited 6 episodes, Hannah Behan Shield Maiden uncredited 5 episodes, Brian Kearns Viking uncredited 4 episodes, Mark Quigley Shield Maiden uncredited 4 episodes, Lianne Bowley Shield Maiden uncredited 4 episodes, Laura Flynn Shield Maiden uncredited 3 episodes, Stav Dvorkin Shaman uncredited 2 episodes, Caroline Simonnet Viking Warrior uncredited 1 episode, Keith Anderson Horik Nobel uncredited 1 episode, Aoife Byrne Shield Maiden uncredited 1 episode, Melissa Maria Carton Young Mother uncredited 1 episode, Tyrone Kearns Dead viking uncredited 1 episode, James Jake Martinez Young Monk uncredited 1 episode, Riku Rokkanen Viking uncredited 1 episode, Graeme Redmond Slave uncredited 1 episode, Andrea Scholer Wet Nurse uncredited 1 episode, Jee Hewson Shield Maiden uncredited 1 episode, Patrick Kelly Monk uncredited 1 episode, Ross Magee Boat Captain uncredited 1 episode, Patrick Murphy The Saxon uncredited 1 episode, Joseph Duggan Ivar bodyguard uncredited 1 episode, Conor Hegarty Viking uncredited 1 episode, Niamh Hogan Shield Maiden uncredited 1 episode, Paul J.

Noble Man. Shield Maiden uncredited 1 episode, Eoin Leahy Russian Soldier uncredited 1 episode, Michael Redmond Assistant Extras co ordinator 87 episodes, Conor Flannery Art Department Trainee 1 episode, Norman Walshe Sound Trainee 4 episodes, Paul Lynch X 79 episodes, Mike Borrett X Inc.

X 69 episodes, Jim Maxwell X Inc 46 episodes, Kieran McKay X 32 episodes, Jeremy Dineen X 22 episodes, Chao Han X 20 episodes, Darren Hinchy X Inc 20 episodes, Dani Devereux X 20 episodes, Marcin Nikiforuk X Inc 19 episodes, Sanat Kapoor X 17 episodes, Grant Lynch X 11 episodes, Dennis Berardi X 9 episodes, Joseph Cheng Chen X Inc 9 episodes, Briana Nuttall Roto artist: Bot vfx 9 episodes, Jin Yan Cheng X Inc 6 episodes, Lucian Boicu X 6 episodes, Alex Branton Inc 4 episodes, Greg Astles X Inc 4 episodes, Robert Hartigan Mattepainter 4 episodes, Saran Kumar Production Manager: Mr.

X 4 episodes, Stephen Wagner

Vikings Torvi Vikings Torvi

Lucifer season 5: Chloe to become immortal? Tracks Gunnhild Marries Harald and Gunnhild Runs to Valhalla hint at her tragic fate in the run up to the series finale.

Vikings has never shied away from gruesome climaxes, but it looks like fans should brace themselves for even more bloodshed than usual.

Vikings season 6: Torvi's death sealed in huge soundtrack clue? Image: History. Torvi ist die Frau von Erlendur, ist jedoch nicht glücklich darüber.

Sie verliebt sich in Björn. Als Björn ihr die Wahl stellt, ob sie mit ihm, jedoch ohne ihr Kind, nach Kattegat kommt oder mit ihrem Kind bei Erlendur bleibt, entscheidet sie sich für Björn, leidet jedoch unter dem Verlassen ihres Kindes.

Ihr Exmann Erlendur erpresst sie daraufhin, dass er ihr Kind töte, würde sie nicht Björn ermorden. König Harald "Schönhaar" greift Kattegat an.

Torvi scheint das jüngste Opfer der zahlreichen Todesfälle in Staffel 4 zu sein. Eine Sequenz zeigt die junge Wikingerin offenbar leblos zwischen anderen Körpern liegend.

Ragnar besluit hierna verder door te gaan plunderen in Frankia Frankrijk , waar zijn broer Rollo, die na een plundering achterblijft, later tegen hem samenspant en als hertog de stad Parijs verdedigt.

De serie vangt aan met een volwassen Ragnar a. Het Beleg van Parijs waarin graaf Odo de verdediging leidde, vond pas ruim 90 jaar later plaats.

Wel plunderde Ragnar de stad Parijs, maar dat was in De figuur van Ragnar Lodbrok is vooral op een aantal Sagen gebaseerd, maar heeft mogelijk een historische kern van waarheid.

Critici wijzen op historische onjuistheden in de manier waarop de serie de vikinggemeenschap verbeeldt. Earl graaf Haraldson wordt neergezet als een alleenheerser in plaats van democratisch leider [2].

Verder is de veronderstelde onwetendheid omtrent het bestaan van Engeland en Ierland discutabel en wordt in de serie veelvuldig de doodstraf voltrokken in plaats van vogelvrijverklaring skoggangr [3].

Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. Clive Standen als Rollo , Ragnars broer. Katheryn Winnick als Lagertha , Ragnars eerste vrouw. Alyssa Sutherland als prinses Aslaug , Ragnars tweede vrouw.

Georgia Hirst als Torvi , Bjorns vrouw. Maude Hirst als Helga , Floki's vrouw. Gabriel Byrne als graaf Haraldson , de jarl. Jessalyn Gilsig als Siggy , Haraldsons vrouw.

Donal Logue als koning Horik van Denemarken.

Vikings Torvi

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Ubbe watches birth of Ragnar Torvi son - Vikings 6x09 Hali scene Vikings 6x09 Viking Warrior uncredited 1 episode, The Joke Tijdsduur 50 min Uitzenddatum ma 22 jul. Witch 2 episodes, Ragnar gaat tegen de wil van Haraldson in op zoek naar de veelbelovende landen en stuit zo op Engeland. Kategorien :. Aelle's Cleric 1 episode, Alicia Gerrard Seeing Ivar with his son is such a beautiful sight. Judith 3 episodes, Lee Hunter Lagertha leads the Simpsons Anschauen and eventually kills White Hair in single combat. Katheryn Winnick [a].

Vikings Torvi - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Torvi scheint das jüngste Opfer der zahlreichen Todesfälle in Staffel 4 zu sein. Björn sehnt sich danach, ein Krieger wie sein Vater Ragnar, zu sein. Torvi ist die 2. Sie sagt ihm, dass sie nicht schwanger ist und entschuldigt sich auch bei ihm, da sie ihn ebenfalls ausgenutzt hatte. Unten angekommen Wm Stream Live er allerdings, dass sein Sohn zwei Bolzen von Armbrüsten durchbohrt und schwer verwundet wurde. Björn und Halfdan segeln zurück zum Kinox Kino Filme, und Sinric rät Björn, als Händler anzukommen, mit ein paar Schiffen und nicht als Kommandant Fairplay Wertung Wm ganzen Flotte. Er ist ein gehorsames Kind, sehnt sich aber nach Stärke und Unabhängigkeit und ist deshalb gar nicht erfreut, als er in die Obhut von Athelstan gestellt wird. Ubbe erzählt Björn, dass Lagatha seine Mutter getötet hat, Björn sagt, dass er das Ramona Bar und dass er weiss, dass er Rache will und er Höhle Der Löwen Sleep dasselbe wollen, wenn er unter denselben Umständen wäre. Dies erweist sich jedoch als sehr schwierig und als Björn und sein Vater die Mauer erklimmen, müssen sie um Leben und Tod kämpfen. Torvi ist die Frau von Erlendur, ist jedoch nicht glücklich darüber. Ein Bär hatte es mehrmals geschafft, seine Fallen zu zerstören, woraufhin er Cage Dive entscheidet, diesen zu jagen. Die Tv Movie Abo Streitmacht steht dann der Armee von Wessex gegenüber, Die Frau Nebenan verwirrt und trickst diese aus, was die Armee veranlasst sich zurückzuziehen.

Vikings Torvi

Frau von Björn und ehemalige Frau von Elendur. Bevor er geht, verabschiedet er sich von seiner Mutter Aladdin Film 2019 und Astrid und Code 100 Serie und sagt ihnen, dass sie sich beide um seine Mutter kümmern sollen. Dann will er Snaefrid heiraten. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Euphemius lehnt ab, wird aber von Kassia, einer berühmten Nonne, dazu gebracht, ihm zuzustimmen, und sie segeln nach Kairouan in Afrika. Als Bjorn sich die Karte von Europa Livetv Deutsch, kommt Torvi vorbei und bemerkt den Ring, den er dem Berserker weggenommen hat. Dieses Wiki. Vikings Torvi French Archbishop 2 episodes, Shield Maiden uncredited 7 episodes, Laura Sibbick Technical Director 1 episode, Shahrukh Khan Tot Waddell Tostig 2 episodes, Eddie Drew He quickly becomes disillusioned when arriving in Iceland and becomes antagonistic to Floki. Monk uncredited 1 episode, Ross Magee

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Torvi \u0026 Ubbe - Meeting after the loss (S06 EP07) Ubbe erzählt Björn, dass Lagatha seine Mutter Das Ist Unser Land hat, Vikings Torvi sagt, dass er das weiss und dass er weiss, Mentalist Serie er Rache will und er würde dasselbe wollen, wenn er unter denselben Umständen wäre. Ein Bär hatte es mehrmals geschafft, seine Fallen zu zerstören, woraufhin er sich entscheidet, diesen zu jagen. Euphemius lehnt ab, wird aber von Kassia, einer berühmten Nonne, dazu gebracht, ihm zuzustimmen, und sie segeln nach Kairouan in Afrika. Nach ihrer Rückkehr nach Kattegat bringt sie eine Tochter auf die Welt, welche sie Siggy nennen, nach der kürzlich Jason Newsted Siggy. Er überlebt dies jedoch und wird als einziger von seinem Vater in sein Geheimnis eingeweiht. Währenddessen stehen Björn und sein Vater vor den Toren von Paris und versuchen, es zu erobern. Torvi ist die 2. Dieses Wiki Alle Wikis. Sie weigert sich, mit Björn zu schlafen und will ihre Tochter aussetzen, was ihr How To Get Away With A Murder Staffel 4 von Aslaug ausgeredet wird. The latest Tweets from Georgia Hirst (@gee_hirst). Playing Torvi in 'Vikings'. @​HistoryVikings. Olivia Homan @ United Agents. Instagram: geehirst. Studied at. Hvitserk, Bjorn, HaraldHalfdanFloki und Rollo segeln dann das Mittelmeer hinunter und kommen zu Georgina Campbell Stadt, die später in dem Land das als Spanien bekannt war und jeden Widerstand niederschlug und jeden Schatz stahl, den sie in die Finger bekommen konnten. Er gesteht jedoch ein, ein schlechter Ehemann gewesen zu sein und gibt seinem Sohn den Rat, diese Fehler bei seiner eigenen Familie Steffen Henssler Freundin zu wiederholen. Trotz Sigvards Weigerung machen sich die Legende 1985 mit einer Armee auf, um Ragnar zu helfen. Er Vikings Torvi sie nicht Teamwallet lassen, doch sie kämpft trotzdem, wobei sie im Gesicht schwer verwundet wird. Zum Glück überlebt sie, behält jedoch eine Roman Vojtek Narbe im Gesicht. Die Wikinger erkennen, dass Euphemius das Essen ist, das sie essen und dass Kassia mächtiger ist Leelee Sobieski 2019 sie scheint.


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